My Adventures

Part of this crazy hot mess life I live is being a Cheer Mom!! My tiny human is the one flying! Look at her go 🙂

Platinum Nationals for my baby today and her first competition as a crossover between 2 teams ❤ Her level 3.1 squad got first and this was her first competition as a level 3, they got second.

This definitely keeps me busy, on the go and some weeks the bank account goes waaaayyyy down but she’s worth every bit of drained energy and penny!!!

Pill box refill day!!!

I sit on my bed in the evening and go through everything since I keep a stash in my nightstand.
I’m only missing my Allegra because it’s not needed yet, my Multivitamin which has to stay in it’s bottle, pills that are PRN (as needed) like my xanax, soma, etc..and my pancreatic enzymes that I take every time I eat

Mom life trumps CF problems!! Even though CF doesn’t give a shit about your plans (blog post coming on that topic) being a mom doesn’t stop because I feel like crap! So today we went bowling with our cheer family. I have been in pain for 3 /4 days. My stomach is on fire, par for the course sometimes with CF. It sucks so bad but it wasn’t going to ruin our plans for tonight. I did miss a business event this morning but that was an absolute must.

Competition season has begun! This crazy hotmess cheer moms life is about to get busier. The tiny human is on a Senior rec Level 4 team this year. Her tumbling is getting better and learning more advanced skills, her difficulty level for flying has increased and I couldn’t be more proud of what she has accomplished this season already preparing for comps!! My biggest goal is her getting her confidence level consistent ❤