Days 3 & 4 on Trikafta

I decided to type this one out because I just now sat down to relax after our family Christmas party. We went out last night and slept in today then it was just utter chaos and rushing to prep for tonight. Of course that’s all in typical true Jess fashion! 😂😂

Not a lot to report this round. I’ve felt great the last 2 days. I have not struggled to breathe once in daily life especially on steps, which has been my enemy these last several months! My only peeve is this ridiculous dry cough. It’s only at night when I lay down and it keeps me up half the night so I’m tired. I’m hearing it goes away so I’m hoping that’s soon. I don’t like that cough because sometimes it almost feels asthmatic when I breathe in, like I can’t get air. That was scary the first night it happened.

I stepped on the scale today because I do want to monitor if there is any weight gain. It said 99.2 so according to my last weight at clinic in November I lost 3lbs which is entirely possible because of being on the go a lot recently or my scale differs from Hopkins. So right now I’m going off mine. I’m going to attempt to food log and calorie count that way if I do put on weight I know where I need to maintain and/or cut so I don’t gain more than I want. My goal is 15/20lbs total in the right places.

No digestive issues to report. I’m thinking I’m noticing slight improvement in my digestion but I think it’s too early to tell for me in particular.

That’s all I got for now. I think I’m going to record Days 5-7 and then move to a once a week depending on if there is anything important to report right away.