Day 11 Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

Most CF patients are pancreatic insufficient. This means that we cannot digest food properly or absorb calories, fats, proteins, vitamins etc properly. Basically we suck at absorbing anything!!!

So we have to take enzymes every time we eat. I require 5 with meals and snacks but I need 6 before and after tube feeds. There are several types of enzymes that they can put CF patients on. However not every brand works for all of us and we absolutely can’t take generic.

Even on a good day with enzymes we only absorb about 30% of what we intake. So we need to eat as many calories as we can to even maintain our weight let alone put on a pound. Malnutrition is one of our biggest battles.

I have struggled with my weight for years. I was doing well for a while at my highest at 108lbs. But in September 2017 I had a intestinal blockage and lost 10lbs in a matter of 4 days. That’s how quickly shit can go wrong. I’ve haven’t been able to put any of that weight back on ever since.

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